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Welcome to The International Conference

"If children with developmental delays are not provided with appropriate early intervention, their difficulties can lead to lifetime consequences, increased poverty and profound exclusion” - WHO, 2012

Amar Seva Sangam at Ayikudi, Tamil Nadu, India is organizing the first Early Intervention International Conference to be held in Chennai on 14th and 15th February 2020. The theme of the conference is Early Intervention - Maximizing the Potential of Children with Special Needs Towards Inclusion.

Early intervention has a significant impact for children who have delayed development in physical, cognitive, emotional, sensory, behavioural, social and communication domains and can live a meaningful life integrated into their own communities. With quality early intervention services children can live a meaningful life.

Amar Seva Sangam is a Non-Profit premier organization in the field of Disability Management, founded and run by professionals in wheelchairs, looking at disability as a developmental issue by empowering them through Early Intervention, Rehabilitation, Education, Skill Development and Livelihood Solutions. Particularly in the rural areas, delivering innovative services at grass-root levels, addressing the needs of more than 15,000 persons with disabilities across all age groups and across all disabilities in three districts of southern Tamil Nadu.

Amar Seva Sangam has provided home-based Early Intervention for children with developmental delays over the past 5 years assisted by a real-time mobile technology platform called the mVBRI – mobile village-based rehabilitation initiative. This has led to significant improvements in motor, cognitive, speech, functional and social development outcomes for children, as well as increased school enrollment, increased family empowerment, improved parent-child interaction and reduced strain on caregivers.

The WHO in 2011 observed, “Early intervention (EI) programs for children under the age of 6 with a developmental delay are vital to improving long-term function, including performance in primary school”.

In India the incidence of infant mortality is decreasing while the incidence of non-communicable diseases is increasing as a major cause of disability, according to Kumar, Roy & Kar – 2011. Moreover, according to UNESCO UIS and UNICEF, “Disability is a major barrier to access to education in India, more than 2.9 million children living with a disability.”

This is not only an Indian issue, but is a global phenomenon and there is an urgent need to address the issue for overall well-being of humanity. It is in this context that the International Conference on Early Intervention in Chennai is being organized.

Amar Seva Sangam is committed to creating an opportunity for bringing together a significant number of diverse experiences in the field of Early Intervention with the objective of knowledge exchange at the conferenceat. The Conference will be a platform for sharing lessons learned and best practices adopted in the early intervention domain in order to maximize children's potential and in exploring sustainable social development models for overall economic growth through rehabilitation and inclusion of children with developmental delays in society.

The conference aims to bring to the knowledge basket the many initiatives by various stakeholders particularly the governments, non governmental organisations, business, for profit sector and corporates, leaders and organisations working with the disabled, service providers, educational institutions, academics, scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of children with developmental delays. Themes for submission include Prevention, Early Identification, Intervention, Assistive and Adaptive Technology, Inclusive Education, and Technology as a tool for intervention.

S.Sankara Raman Organizing Chairman

The Objectives

  • To disseminate the knowledge and the experience gained by various stakeholders in the field of Early Intervention of special need children and mutual sharing of the knowledge.
  • A platform for Amar Seva Sangam and other early intervention models for global level scale up through network and collaboration and get value addition with other knowledge partners.

Who can Participate?

  • Non Governmental Organisations

  • Business Houses and Corporates

  • For Profit Sector

  • Leaders and Organisations working with the disabled

  • Service Providers

  • Educational Institutions and Academics

  • Scientists

  • Researchers & Scholars in the domain of Children with Developmental Delays

  • Governments

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